About Women tell their stories
“Women tell their stories” is a welcoming place to collect and share stories of women who fight back.

In order to share the stories of women who have stopped different agressions, in 2013 we published the printed book.
Women tell their stories. This tool has allowed us to collect and share a rich diversity of stories that serve to inspire other women to fight back. We will continue our work on this interactive website with your valuable participation.


We want to thank Leona Heilig for creating the initial project as well as all the people who contributed to the original book.

We would also like to thank all those who participated in updating and editing the web version. Special thanks to all the women who agreed to share their stories with us.

This project, both in its original form and in its web format, would not have been possible without the financial support of Status of Women Canada and Justice Canada respectively.

We would like to acknowledge the financial support from the Ville de Montréal « Soutien à des initiatives de prévention des violences sexuelles:
Politique pour une participation égalitaire des femmes et des hommes à la vie de Montréal » for the year 2021-2022
Under the project: « Promotion d’outils pour améliorer la sécurité des femmes de la Ville de Montréal »

Thanks to Bianca Su for the web design and Queena Lu for web development.

The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre

Founded in 1984, the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre is a non-profit community group which offers self-defense courses for women (called Action), and assault prevention for children, (called CAP, a program developed by Women Against Rape in Ohio). We have reached over 150,000 people with our programming. We have a feminist approach to assault prevention, which means we share tools as women so we can make our own choices. Check out our website at www.cpamapc.org






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